Since I can remember I loved climbing trees. Problem was I was way better at falling out of them, but that never stopped me from wanting to climb higher. Our backyard was filled with trees when we were younger and often I would simply stand in front of them and look at ways I could work my way up to the top, climbing from one limb to the next. Little did I know that as time went on this would become a way of thinking throughout my life. My Mom would always tell me “it’s just another tree to climb” when I found myself at wits end or at a place I felt was too much for me to handle. So, I would sit and work my way through the obstacles, through the adversity, through the limbs, until I found my way through it all. I have found throughout life we all have our “Trees”, we all have our dreams, our destinations, our goals. We have them, but we back away because it simply seems to big to conquer. It seems like it is too much work, too many doubters, or simply we let ourselves off the hook by saying it will take too much time. Those are the moments we must find that child in us. That spirit we had growing up. That fearless, undeniable need to explore, learn, and achieve! For me, it was that little boy who dared to dream. That little boy who wanted to keep climbing no matter how many times he fell out of the trees. That little boy with big dreams.


Little Boy, Big Dreams LLC  is the parent company handling all matters related to Believe in the Unbelievable and B.I.T.U.B. including, but not limited to, artwork, publications, speaking engagements and videos.

Little Boy, Big Dreams LLC

Believe in the Unbelievable

"We don't climb mountains because we have to. We climb them because we can.." -DC

About Me

It is often in our darkest moments we find our greatest inspiration. After all the darker the moment the easier it is to see the smallest of light. That is where Believe in the Unbelievable was born for me, in one of my darkest moments. As time went on I have been blessed to share my thoughts, my faith, and what B.I.T.U.B. means to me. I have been blessed to share it through speaking engagements for organizations, schools, and businesses throughout the US, through blogs that reach over 17,000 people daily across the world, and through the artwork of Christie Black who has taken my words and brought them to life. As I often say, “Every chance you get you should.” Should what? That is entirely up to you. Should love and be loved, should give more than you take, should learn, should teach, should grow, should challenge, should push, should dream, should appreciate the gift of life by living it. There are so many possibilities of what can be. There is no shortage of doubt, it is the abundance of belief that often gets overlooked. An abundance of belief in our ability to reach higher, to be better, and to create the foundations for our dreams to grow into our realities. A belief that God is ever present, guiding, providing, blessing us every step of the way, and giving us exactly what we need in the moments that we need it most. A belief that we must leap in faith and trust that no matter where we land we will be that much closer to Believing in the Unbelievable possibilities of what can be.



Born and raised in Taylor, Tx. I  have lived in 6 states, have been blessed to work with, speak to, serve and experience amazing people, and have been extremely appreciative and blessed to have a supportive family including my amazing wife and two children. I started this website and my speaking in 2007 when we lived in Shreveport, LA and it has carried over to each place we have been. As I have settled back in Texas I continue to share and have been so inspired by the many people who continue to support, offer advice, kind words and simply share their stories about what Believe in the Unbelievable (B.I.T.U.B.) means to them. As I share my personal experiences about life, leadership and most of all my faith through my blogs and through speaking engagements I've found that I am learning more about life and all it has to offer.  When you speak of life I can tell you that it has come at me at a mind-numbing pace at times, but I wouldn't change those experiences for anything.  I believe that even in our darkest moments there are blessings, and it is the darkest moments that allow us to see the smallest of light that we may have overlooked before.  Life isn't easy!  Sometimes the journey can seem long when the mountains we must climb  get higher and higher, but finding the beauty in the ability to take the long way around is what often brings us to a realization how much life is a gift.  All of it, good and bad, helps us be who we are and find the path to who we want to be.  Thing is we don't climb mountains because we have to, we climb them because we can!  When you sit back and take it all in you start to see the countless opportunities God gives us to learn, teach, share, and He provides us those moments where our challenges strengthen our foundation of faith and that adversity we face helps us grow strong enough to climb whatever mountain is in our path.  

I am David A. Carrizales. I believe in God.  I believe in His Grace.  I believe that our faith is something that allows us to believe when it seems impossible to believe!  I believe that every moment can be significant, and that everyday we are given the chance to influence the outcome of our life.  I believe that we are blessed and that life is all about living... Living, being and Believing in the Unbelievable possibilities of what lies ahead!  It's never too late to begin chasing your dreams, setting your goals and knowing that through God all is possible. Today is a great day to begin that journey.