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Helping Women Double their Energy & Transform their bodies. Working to ease Digestive Issues and to lose Belly Bloat, so they can get back to feeling and looking AMAZING! Do you know any women who are ready to feel ALIVE?

Gidget Carrizales, CEOC, CHC, CLC
Certified Health & Life Coach
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Daily Naturals by CnG, LLC
"All Natural" Skin Care Products
Handmade, Toxin Free
Chris & Gidget Carrizales, Owners

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Andie Carrizales
Independent Beauty Consultant
Lufkin, TX 75904

ADVANCED Product Consultant

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How I bring beauty to you:
I am amazed by what Mary Kay has done for my life, my family, and my skin! I would love to show you a piece of what has been given to me, whether it's a skin care class, a customized look, or a business opportunity! Contact me on my website, email, or phone 24/7! I'd love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs!

My Favorite Best-Selling Product
TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™

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Chris & Gidget Carrizales

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Melody Diven 

Melody Diven

Clothed in Armor Boutique

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About Melody

Hi! My name is Melody and the founder/proud owner of Clothed In Armor Boutique! 

In 2015, my husband bought me a vinyl cutter after I begged for over a month. Once I got it, I was so intimidated that I hardly used it for more than one thing here or there for over 1 year. I eventually started to play around with making shirts for myself, family & friends. This quickly grew to be more than a hobby. It became my passion, a second job for me and and Clothed in Armor was born. Our name stems from Ephesians 6:11 which begins with "Put on the full armor of God", so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes... our Motto is: Not Today Satan! 

 I talk fast and walk fast, and I get more excited than just about any situation actually calls for. I can’t help it—enthusiasm is my love language! I’m blessed to be pursuing my passion full-time and hope that I’m helping others do the same!

Brent Tanksley, LCDC

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Phone: 409-622-0106

Brent Tanksley in an LCDC, specializing in counseling services for individuals with substance use disorder and their families. He provides ongoing counseling services for individuals in need of recovery, early in recovery, as well as individuals in need of long-term care. He has provided help to thousands of individuals, and is highly effective in addressing needs and concerns of the family unit. 

Brent Tanksley, LCDC

Andie Carrizales